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Why American Solar Screens?

Service – our knowledge and friendly sales and support personnel will give you the service you deserve and expect. We are building around you, our valued customer

Quality – we manufacture and install only the best quality material and products to ensure your satisfaction.

Integrity – with non-commission sales personnel and no hassle pricing, we give you the consumer a relaxed, atmosphere for you to make the decision based on quality not high pressure sales.

Pricing – Our product is the highest quality available and we provide the consumer a price match guarantee to anyone carrying the same product to give the consumer the BEST deal, not CHEAPEST deal.

Lifetime Warranty – Our products are guaranteed for as long as you own your home at no extra cost or service fees.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.


Years in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas market.

Completed Projects and Satisfied Customers.

Skilled Professionals.

What Makes Us Different?

The biggest difference between solar screens is not the screen material but the frame construction. We use only the strongest frame material available which is 1″ wide x 5/16, .024 gauge frame, whereas inexperienced companies will use a 3/4″ wide x 5/16 frame which can cause the screen to sag, bow, bag and/or become loose over time.

Additional Questions

  • How do Solar Screens keep the heat out?

    Unlike fiberglass screens, Phifer Suntex solar screens are made of a polyester vinyl coated screen material designed to absorb and deflect the heat before entering your home.

  • What can I expect in energy savings?

    Previous customers have reported a 15-25 percent savings on their energy bill.

  • How do Solar Screens effect the natural lighting and temperature of my home?

    There are two variations of the Solar Screens.
    1. 80% grade – Darkens up to 25% and cools up to 10 degrees.
    2. 90% grade – Darkens up to 50% and cools up to 12 degrees.
  • What is the installation time to get solar screens installed on my home or business?

    From the date of purchase, solar screens can be installed within 7-10 days. Most applications take 1-3 hours of on-sight installation time.

  • Solar Screens vs. Glass Tint?

    Solar Screens exterior applications prevent the contact of heat and UV Rays before contacting the glass.

    Glass tinting is an interior application that filters the light but leaves your glass exposed to the heat.

  • Will Solar Screens protect from fading?

    Solar Screens block up to 90 percent of the UV Rays and heat from fading drapery, furniture and upholstery that bares the direct abuse of heat and sun rays.

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