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Patio Screens | Dallas, Fort Worth

Patio screens are slowly becoming more of a necessity than accessory for many homeowners and business owners alike in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area. Their benefits now exceed luxury and can actually become a worthy investment. Whether you want to keep your family, customers, and guests safe from insects, i.e. mosquitoes or prevent harmful UV rays from ruining a good day, we at American Solar Screens are here to help you.

Available American Services

Motorized Patio Screens – Our automatic, retractable patio screens are powered only by top of the line motors in the industry. They come in a wide variety of fabrics and motors so we can achieve the look that you are aiming for.

Manual Patio Screens – Considered as the more budget-friendly option for your patio, pergolas, and decks, this type of screen also has a huge selection of designs and fabrics to choose from. Hand-Crank or Fixed Patio Screens never go out of style and can withstand the Dallas weather.

If you are already considering the idea of making your porch or other outdoor facilities safer for your family and guests, we would also be more than happy to help in selecting the perfect Patio Screen Material for you.

Why American Solar Screens?

We at American Solar Screens are one of the leading solar solutions providers not just in the DFW area, but also in the entire Lone Star State. One of our proudest services is patio screens for three reasons:

100% Customer Satisfaction – Our level of dedication and professionalism extends to the point that we will not stop until you are fully satisfied with the design and installation of your patio screens.

High Quality Materials – As a family-owned business, we understand that you need to meet a certain budget for your home upgrade. This is why we always strive to work around your requested budget without sacrificing the quality of materials.

Lifetime Warranty – All our patio screens come with a limited lifetime warranty to assure all our customers that we care and we are there for them even after installation.

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