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Solar Screens

Residential Solar Screens –

At American we offer and deliver professional solar screens and window screens by our professionally trained staff of screen professionals.

Our screens can take any residential sun or heat problem and cut it significantly without interfering with the line site or the beauty of the home or residence.

All of our products that’s that we use to create these screens masterpieces are done with highest-level quality and craftsmanship that is available on the market.

Commercial Solar Screens –

Here at American we know commercial properties energy cost can run a muck and get out of control here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas in the summer.

For this reason not only do we deliver a highest quality solar screen product on the market currently but we also very competitive pricing that will beat our competition.

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Unsolicited Phone calls from “American Solar”

If you received a call claiming to be from “American Solar,” that call did not come from American Solar Screens of Southlake Texas.

We do not do telemarketing.

We are aware that people are making calls referring people to “American Solar”. In fact, the calls and reference to our company are being made without our permission and without our ability to stop them.

From the results of conversations with others who have received the calls, we believe they are trying to get personal or financial information from recipients for inappropriate use.

We attempted to have the calls stopped via several contacts with Federal and state agencies, but we have concluded that those efforts will not be productive.

The best advice we can offer is to hang up. If they think they won’t get the information they seek, they will stop calling.